March Giveaway

Giveaway time! We had 38 comments, but one was a duplicate. Thanks to the Random Number Generator…

Our winner is Chels! Congrats to you, and thanks to everyone for entering!

For the month of March, I’m giving away an incredible skein of Plum Street Fiber Arts in Frost Bite. At 250 yards per skein, there’s enough there to make an awesome hat, cowl, or mitts. 
The color is a beautiful wash of dark lavenders and plums, with a ribbon of mossy green filtering through it. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person:
The yarn is DK weight Falkland merino wool, which is gloriously soft and squishy, while still remaining light. 
So how can you win this month? Go to Plum Street’s Etsy Shop and fave one of her colorways by hovering over the item and clicking the small heart icon in the top corner. Come back here and comment with which one you faved! Make sure to include with a Ravelry username or link your email in the comment form!
The contest ends March 31st, so don’t miss out!
– YX

83 thoughts on “March Giveaway

  1. I also fave Lucky on Creme Puff DK MCN 100 grams…
    Those green are gorgeous !!!
    (lanouchette on ravelry)

  2. Oooh so pretty. I should not have seen this shop, too much temptation!! I am weaaak! I favorites lemon ice on delectable merino in laceweight, wow its gorgeous. rav-owlmazing

  3. I love the Fig on Creme Puff in DK. The colors are so rich! Even though it's hot in Houston, it's still technically winter, so I'm enjoying the dark winter colors while I can. 🙂 (ravelry kjb23)

  4. Oh, so MANY colors to favorite! So, I tagged Interglactic, Blue Green Algae, Jewel of the Nile, and Broken Heart.

    (InJuneau on Ravelry too)

  5. I actually favourited Frostbite – doesn't that mean it's meant to be?!?! (Fingers crossed) I also favourited Moonstone…and wondering if my bank account can get away with buying it… :S

    I'm crazyfabulous on Ravelry btw 😉

  6. I faved Rock Candy Mountain DK and Jewel of the Nile sock. Unique and beautiful colors!
    Insaneelaine424 on Ravelry

  7. I changed my mind three times and finally landed on Rose Red on Creme Puff MCN, sport. It's so rich and gorgeous! (RavID sydneypaige)

  8. You didn't say how difficult the choice would be to make. My goodness such lovely color ways. I faved Jewel of the Nil Swizzle Twist but easily could fave several more.

  9. Jewel of the Nile Swizzle Twist Sock, Sterling on DeLite (fingering), Black Abalone on Slinky Minx (fingering), rose quartz on creme de la creme lace…

    I maybe got a little carried away.

  10. My favorite is all of them but the one that I may end up getting is the Rasberry Swirl on Slinky Minx Sock. I am so loving that colorway right now


  11. Easily Rock Candy… this is a colorway that I am so excited to have found… I faved it on Etsy, and I faved the shop as well… I will definitely be buying this yarn in the future when I'm settled and finished destashing!!

    Indulgence on Rav

  12. So many good choices- I faved Truffle on Slinky and Jewel of the Nile (love the movie too). I'm birdsaremean on rav and everywhere else.

  13. I really like this color -Silvery Minnow on DeLite Silky Cashmere BFL Fingering Yarn – have the perfect person I could make a shawl for with this as a birthday present

  14. All these yarns are captivatingly beautiful…WOW! I favorited Moonstone on DeLite Silky Cashmerino Lace Yarn MCS (Etsy name: onestitchtwostitch; RavID: Super-Nova).

  15. i love the names she uses for her colorways. sometimes i pick yarns for the colors, other times for the names. this time it was purely for the name!

    favorited: Bruised Petals on Creme Puff MCN Worsted 70/20/10

    ravelry name: bdelloura

  16. I faved Jewel of the Nile Swizzle Twist Sock.
    I can't seem to get enough green lately, I must be subconsciously offsetting all that purple i bought over the summer/fall!

  17. It was a hard choice between Silvery Swizzle Twist and Rock Candy Mountain. After much thought the lustrous tone of Silvery Swizzle Twist won. Though the exciting colors ran a close second.

    SueChicago on Ravelry

  18. I faved Jewel of the Nile Swizzle Twist Sock. It's stunning and I'm obsessed with green right now (and it matches my nail polish!).

    Casey aka middleofnowhere on Ravelry.

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