May Giveaway!

Okay, I’m finally back in the states and ready to share this month’s giveaway with you!

It’s a gorgeous project bag from Daydee’s Doodads! It’s a great size, about 10×12 inches, enough to fit a good-sized project in it. Definitely a small sweater. And look inside!

PURPLEEEEE! Can you see the stitching detail, too? See how it’s a reverse of the colors used on the bag? I love details like that. Here’s a close-up:

Love everything about this bag. It’s really well made, too, guys. I was particularly impressed with the reinforced stitching, which means this bag will stand up to a lot of opening and closing. In addition, the ribbons that act as drawstrings have a good amount of friction, so the bag won’t always be falling open when you take it on the go. Here’s a last shot with a few skeins of yarn inside:

So this month, to enter the giveaway, head on over to Daydee’s Doodads and take a look around. Then, come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite bag is! Don’t forget to leave your Ravelry username or another method to contact you! I’ll draw a winner at the beginning of June. Good luck!

– YX

58 thoughts on “May Giveaway!

  1. My favorite is the green medium-sized project bag with a flat bottom. But they are all pretty!
    Thanks for the giveaway – I'm having one for a skein of sock yarn now 🙂
    Quinn on rav

  2. awesome giveaway!

    my favorite bag is the one with the purple pattern on the outside, purple lining, and lavender ribbons.

    Pagecsa on Ravelry 🙂

  3. Not sure how you make the most indecisive person in the world decide which project bag they liked! I like both the sweater project bags and the little drawstring ones so I picked one of each. I like the multi coloured polka dot sweater project bag with the orange lining and also the small purple drawstring bag with the purple patterning on the outside and the tone on tone purple in the lining.

    Rav ID: Vonraveller

  4. I really like the sweater-sized May bag of the month with rose motif. It's really bright and cheery and would hold all my knitting stuff and more!

    lynx-ical on Ravelry

  5. I like all of them. So many great details and gorgeous fabrics. The sheep bag is my fav. Thank you for doing this. I may never have found these.

    Nanamamah on Rav

  6. I like the blue bags with pink flowers and pink ribbons. These are gorgeous bags and very inexpensive. I've added Daydee's Doodads to my etsy favorites!
    luckbeapanda rav

  7. Lovely bags,my fav are violet,blue and May Bag of the Month,like Cupcake Barrette too.Lovely giveaway,project bag always needed,thank you for the chance to win it,have a lovely day.

  8. I love the small green bag with the leaf pattern on the inside. It may just have to find a new home with me, although I would use it the other way – with the leaves on the outside! Her suggestion to use it as a spindle bag is a great idea; I'm always looking for ways to transport my spinning, too.

  9. I love the sweater size bag with teal on the outside and a yellow pattern on the inside.

    Such lovely bags indeed. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  10. Hi there hard to choose just one fave, but I'm dotty about the spotty sweater bag lined with orange, just love the clean colour combo. Joyo on Ravelry

  11. Love the bags! You can never have enough WIP bags. I love the sweater sized project bag with the multi-coloured dots and orange interior.

    juhwanie on Rav

  12. I love the sweater size May bag of the month. the flowers on it are just beautiful and it is big enough to carry a reclaimed sweaters worth of yarn and the project.

    fayofthewoods on Ravelry

  13. So nice! I love the sweater size bag with the colorful circles. A very happy looking bag. I also like the drawstring bags and the soft green pattern with the lt blue is really pretty.
    Luv2CUSmile on Rav

  14. I love the one you're giving away because orange is my fave color but there's a red retro looking one that fabulous and reminds me of the dining room wallpaper in the house I grew up in. Love that one too.
    Wahoomerryf on rav

  15. WOW. What a great giveaway! WHo could not use another project bag?
    I know I can. These are awesome. I love that they are reversible and the overall design. It's too hard to pick just one fav.
    I guess I love Sheep knitting and the Hot pink one on Clearance and ……I would actually be proud to own any of them. Thanks!

    I've added Daydee's Doodads to my etsy favorites!

    ravID: bstrichartz

  16. Is it terribly geeky to say that I really love the reversable project bag with the green outside and yellow ribbons, because green + gold = Loki? It is? Well, label me a geek then. Because that's my fave.

    RaggedRobin on Ravelry

  17. I am candyheart and found you via LSG (duh). Love your Tumblr. My favorite bag is the kid splashing in puddles bag that reverses to SNAILS!

  18. love the multicoloured circle flower one that was reversible to a blue printed fabric. i like the reversible idea.

    rav id: lainieq

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