FO: Conscious and Wee Stripes

The Rhinebeck hits keep coming. As of September 28th, I am done with the three planned Rhinebeck sweaters for this year. Phew!

First up is Conscious, a pattern by Kelly van Niekirk. Dougie chose the rainbow-speckled Hedgehog Fibers yarn as one he wanted for a sweater. I loved it it reminded me of rainbow sprinkles on a cupcake, and I really wanted it to stand out as a feature yarn, so it was very important for me to find a pattern that allowed for a generous amount of a neutral yarn to really set off the variegated part.

I really liked the slip stitch detail where the sections joined. I chose a coordinating Anzula Cricket yarn in a charcoal to create what felt like a good contrast to the multicolored yarn. The result feels sort of like a rainbow peeking up over a storm cloud. Or is it just me that sees that?

I felt like the collar needed some more definition, so I did a little blanket stitch along the top to bring the charcoal back in. I feel like it has a similar rhythm as the slip stitch detail, so I’m pleased with it. The button choice was all Dougie. He’s not interested in letting me photograph him in it at the moment, but in all fairness, we’re still topping out in the 90’s here in Texas.

The other completed FO is Bernat’s Wee Stripes Pullover, which was chosen to show off that Inner Loop Dyeworks yarn I got from the Houston Fiber Fest. I just finished it today:

I wish the sparkle in the yarn was more apparent- it’s very subtle, but in person it looks great with the little silver buttons we chose (Dougie helped again).

I didn’t realize this was a seamed sweater when I started it. I was in a hurry and figured it had to be a top down seamless construction because of the raglans… I was wrong. I haven’t done a full seamed sweater before (or was Jaina? Anyway…) It was really nice to be able to work on small pieces of knitting, especially when there were stripes to contend with.

I’m displeased with the stripe misalignment on the sleeves, but I knew it was going to happen and was completely unwilling to rip out and start over. It just seemed like I wouldn’t have enough time if I tried to fix it. Well, I was wrong, but it’s nice to be done anyway.

And honestly, who is even going to notice the messed up alignment when there’s such a cute baby wearing it?

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