FO: Swing top

I know, I know. This blog isn’t called Sewingexploder, but hey, crafting!

The fabric is cotton double gauze, which is two layers of fabric that are tacked/pinned together. It’s a very lightweight woven fabric, which is airy and comfortable. This double gauze is Nani Iro fabric, which is Japanese and so, so beautiful in person. You can buy it online at Purl Soho, but there are a lot more options for older patterns, etc. on Etsy.

This is a duplicate of a favorite top of mine, which is very comfortable and dresses up jeans just enough for 90 degree weather. It’s also drapey and generous enough to hide all sorts of post-baby imperfections. As with the original, the edge is folded over, stitched, and allowed to fray. I loved the look, so I wanted to have it here, too. The folded over “wrong side” edge is lighter than the right side of the fabric, so it gives some definition to the edges.

I’m enjoying wearing this top (and a test top I made out of black linen) with interesting bralettes. The open back allows for all sorts of layering opportunities. I could definitely be happy with about 400 of these simple little tops.

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