Weekend illness and WIP progress

Thanks to this weekend’s continued illness, I’ve been flying along on my Guernsey Wrap with relative speed. Although it’s nice to see progress on a WIP, it’s disappointing to miss out on surprisingly beautiful weather… and from the looks of my husband, who gifted me with this cough/sore throat/fever, it’s not going away soon. 
At least I’m self-medicating:

Despite the crummy health and unfairly beautiful weather, the Guernsey Wrap moves along:

If you’re familiar with this pattern, the photo above may seem distorted, or the project may look like the gauge is WAY off… That’s because I nearly doubled the amount of stitches in the pattern! I wanted a super wide wrap, something I can possibly convert into a poncho, so we’ll see how that turns out!

I definitely need more Eco Alpaca to finish the project, too. We’re leaving for Ohio on Wednesday morning, so I need to determine if the ball that I have will last through the holiday:

(Note the Ricola for scale)

Looks like I’ll be making an emergency trip to the yarn store this afternoon! 3 hour flights and lots of time inside will definitely result in increased yarn consumption!

– YX

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