Queued: Chloe Cardigan

I’m flipping back through DK cardigans again, still looking for something that is a perfect fit for my Pistolero yarn. Although I don’t think this is “the one”, I HAD to queue it

This is the Chloe Cardigan by Jo Storie, and it’s wonderfully unlike the vast majority of cardigan patterns on Ravelry right now. I love the textures of the yarn, which is Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton (DK), but I could see this being great in any DK yarn that has a little bit of grip to it.

LOOK AT THE DRAPE! The texture! The lightness! I even love the seam on the back, which gives it some structure and makes it look like a garment and not a blanket. I might even be inclined to reverse the seam, so it stands up.

This is SO pretty on so many levels… It could even be elongated by picking up the placket stitches all the way around the garment, so the textured band is also the bottom hem. I’d pair this with a plain tee, black leggings, and a pair of short boots. Or tall boots.

I love how different this is from so many of the other cardigans in the pattern database, and how beautiful, comfortable and effortless it looks. QUEUED!
– YX

2 thoughts on “Queued: Chloe Cardigan

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