Window shopping: Etsy yarn

I was idly browsing Etsy last night and happened upon some interesting yarn! Although I’m on somewhat of a yarn diet, I figured I’d share it with anyone who was actively shopping.

Etsy is such a great resource for handmade things, but it’s also great for hand dyed and spun yarns, as well as recycled yarn! Great cashmere at reasonable prices, silks, and a guilt-free conscience for re-loving fiber that was given away.

Sunrise Fiber Co.’s Neon Green Silver sock yarn:

Lightbrown Hare’s Jackalope sock in Luna Cat:

Wild Hare’s Handspun Self-striping Bulky Superwash in Peacock Gradient:

ShopYarnLove’s Poppies in Winter sock:

Gnome Acres’s Fawkes the Phoenix lace:

I love them all! That first one is really killing me! I can’t wear green near my face, but I could see awesome gloves or iPhone accessories with it! Eeep!
Leave your pick in the comments! 
– YX

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