Big things happening!

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a good weekend. Notice anything different? I made a new banner this weekend… The images are all from FOs I’ve completed in the past, but they’ve been toned to purple to match my current layout.

You may also notice a small image on the righthand side of the page. I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be featuring one knit/crochet-related sponsor on the blog each month. In exchange for the ad space, we’re getting awesome yarns, fibers, and products to GIVE AWAY each month! Awesome!

For the rest of February, I’m featuring amazing wood buttons by Blue Lab Workshop. Blue Lab specializes in exotic wood buttons and toggles. This month, one lucky reader will receive a handmade “Moby” whale button, like the ones pictured above.

Blue Lab has provided buttons and toggles for two of my hats, as well as simple round ones for a cardigan I completed. Check them out:

The buttons are hand-finished and are smooth, shiny, and have incredible graining. I love their earthiness, which works so well with crazy or variegated yarns, instead of fighting with the color. They’re lightweight, too, so they won’t pull on your finished fabric.

Win one of these “Moby” whale buttons by checking out the Blue Lab etsy store. Then, come back here and leave a comment with your favorite one! Our winner will be chosen on the last day of the month, so check back!
Blue Lab Etsy

Good luck!
– YX

38 thoughts on “Big things happening!

  1. I love Moby! And Gummy is also a fabulous piece of work! Thank you for sharing with us the opportunity to see these wonderful handcrafted buttons.
    -insaneelaine424 on Ravelry

  2. I love Corby and Gummy, I have a little collection of these kind of buttons from swaps. I just think wooden buttons make a knitted item pop somehow.

    marlib7 on ravelry

  3. Yay for all of your changes! How exciting. 😀 As far as buttons go, while the Moby is SUPER CUTE (um, hello button on a cute hat!) I really like the Corby button. I'll def. have to pick some up for that one sweater I keep slow-poking along at. Woot!!

  4. It HAS to be Moby, but then again, the mustache is such fun too! I think I'll have to buy them just to knit hats for them to adorn. 🙂

    I'm FelicityS on Ravelry

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