July Giveaway!

Well, hello there. It’s my understanding that you may enjoy some yarn. Indeed, some free yarn.

How about this month’s giveaway?

It’s two GORGEOUS little rolls of Play At Life Fiber Arts Revelous Sockie maki in “dogwood”!

60% Merino, 30% Bamboo rayon, 10% nylon: this stuff feels ridiculous to touch. Soft and beautiful. I love the variations in the green, too. Two separated cakes means easy sock knitting, too. Since this yarn is a slow gradient, having matched cakes makes it easier to match items, whether it’s halves of a shawl, individual socks, or gloves/mittens.

It’s beautiful and I’m seriously jealous of the winner! Luckily for the rest of us, Play At Life is also offering 15% off all orders in the online store, with the code “YARNSPLODER”! So don’t worry if you don’t win something!

To enter this month, visit the Play At Life Fiber Arts online store, and come back here to comment with your favorite!

Good luck!
– YX

122 thoughts on “July Giveaway!

  1. I'm rather fascinated by the milk protein fiber in Loud and Proud, though I've been eyeing a set of Loud and Proud Makis for months now. Someday!

  2. Oh, how I wish I knew how to spin–or had the time to learn (yeah, I know, lousy excuse, but true in my case), because the Mixed Bfl Combed Top – Titian's Muse caught my eye like whoa.

  3. That yarn is beautiful. I'm in love. I pick it as my favourite.

    But if I am picking something from the shop, it would probably be the dogwood BFL top. Mmmm, green!!

  4. I don't spin, but Titan's Muse gives me a lot of feels. I have lusted after many a colorway from Play at Life! YARN LUST!

  5. I really like her yarns the best because I am not a very good spinner but out of the fiber she has up right now I really love 4oz BFL Combed Top – Bonfire- The bonfire colorway is just gorgeous.

  6. I love Loud and Proud, for the colors, the name, and the sentiment! Although if the Dogwood Sockie maki was in the shop, that would be my favorite 😀

  7. Absolutely my favorite is Warlock! I am in love with this spinning yarn and may have to buy some soon:)

    AmandaVondrasek on Ravelry

  8. I absolutely love the Tangelo Surprise and Dogwood…..so hard to choose. I need to get to practicing on my spindle to get some fiber!!!

    Penny AKA sch4gators on RAV

  9. oh, I'm in love with the dogwood colourway!! And ponding what I'm going to order (the whole shop, I wish!)


  10. Loud and Proud of course! I've bought both the regular and the darker. I also have some of her loud and proud firestar, LOVE IT.

    This Dogwood though? Serious lust. Want. It. Bad.

  11. love the vintage paper colorway–been really loving mustard yellow and chartreuse lately :)the color of the giveaway this month is amazing!!!! 😀

  12. While I am really liking the various Warlock incarnations, I really am in love with the Portuguese Wool top in Gag Me With A Spoon. The name is wonderful, and I love the colors. I think it would be fun to try and learn Navajo plying with this.

  13. Oh, the Warlock yarn is by far myfavourite. just my colours. moody and shaddowy but a good level of saturation. hmmm and there's a sale on … interesting

  14. Fantastic colors! I really need to try some of the milk protein fibers, they look so smooth and shiny. ohhhh shiny

    Irkalla on Ravelry, crazy everywhere

  15. I love Pounce 2ply BFL Fingering Gradient Shawl Maki – Xigua – it looks like a watermelon. I also love Self-striping Jest 2ply Merino/Nylon Sock – Happy Little Tree. Such great colors!

  16. Hey, may favorite is the BitheFuL Sw Bfl Sock – Mega Skein – Vintage Paper, because its such a pretty shade of yellow and i seem to like everything yellow nowadays. especially sunny and warm yellows like that one!

  17. I love two similar ones: "Telyn Merino/Tencel Fingering Gradient Shawl Maki – Cygnet" and "Telyn Merino/Tencel Sockie Maki Set – Cygnet". It's hard to decide!

  18. Really, REALLY hard to choose! I kept coming back to BlitheFuL BFL 3-ply The Grey…but all those gradient sock yarns are very appealing! Favoriting your shop…

  19. I honestly love the dogwood color. I'm from Georgia but live in Wisconsin and really miss dogwood trees. I love them so much I had dogwood flowers tattooed on my arm.

  20. All that lovely colour but I have to say my favorite is the Telyn Merino/Tencel Fingering Gradient Shawl Maki – Cygnet. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and the discount code!

    kvitsvart on Ravelry

  21. I love my Loud and Proud maki, but oooh, I love the look of the self-striping Jest in Cherry Cordial! GORGEOUS!

    HeatherErin on Ravelry.

  22. I seriously love the Maki in "Dogwood" you are giving away, but from the shop I also love the BitheFuL Sw Bfl Sock in "Copperpot". Lovely yarns!

  23. I adore the Jest Sparkle 2ply Merino/Nylon/Stellina Sock – Purposeful Pooler – Endless Summer. It would make lovely arm warmers!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  24. I absolutely LOVE the pinks, greens, yellows, and peach shades in this skein of Jest Sparkle 2ply Merino/Nylon/Stellina Sock – Purposeful Pooler – Xigua! ♥

  25. -flutterbyKK on Rav says, OMG Jumping Joy makes me want to make a shawl and snuggle under it during a thunderstorm. Colors are beautiful.

  26. I love the Telyn Merino/Tencel Sockie Maki Set and Gradient Shawl Maki in Cygnet.

    (InJuneau at Rav too)

  27. I like this one!

    INDIE SALE Telyn Merino/Tencel Fingering Gradient Shawl Maki – Cygnet

    I could see it knitting up into a beautiful shawl that I would have to wear pretty much all the time.

  28. I love all the Maki's but the Jest Aran weight is nearly perfect for my son's primary colored hat… but for the pink. I'm sure that now that I have found their store – something will come around that is just wonderful… or maybe I can request a personal dye job? Thanks for turning us on to the wonderful yarney goodness!@

    Indulgence on Ravelry

  29. I love these colorways the are awesome! It's hard to choose one but I'd have to say that the colorway, "it's true" is very pretty!

  30. ive been into the brown/blue thing recently, so the jumping for joy sock yarn is beeutifule! im also in love with the giveaway yarn. i bet it feels fantastic. cheers.

  31. I have been looking at Play at Life's Tencel blend gradients for a shawl for the longest. I'd love the chance to try Dogwood out in a striped shawl!

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