The color of Fall: Burgundy

I’ve read a lot of stuff lately that suggests burgundy will be the hot color for Fall… I’m not a big fan of burgundy on my skin, but it’s a beautiful color. It reminds me of some of the maple trees where I grew up:

There are some great burgundy yarns for sale… It seems like a more common color for yarn lines. Tosh has a great colorway called blackcurrant that I could absolutely see myself wearing, actually:

It’s beautiful. I love the idea of pairing burgundy with unexpected colors, too. Burgundy and hot pink?

I like the idea of this color with a sky blue, too:

 Or you could always go traditional with it…:

 What do you guys think? Will you be joining the burgundy bandwagon, or are you finding yourself drawn to other colors for the season? I’m a big fan of deep teal colors around this time of year…

– YX

4 thoughts on “The color of Fall: Burgundy

  1. I'm totally on the burgundy bandwagon. I love red and can only wear reds with lots of blue in them. Now to figure out what to do with the burgundy in my own stash… 🙂

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