November Giveaway!

Woah! Yesterday flew by, and today almost got away from me, too!

So this month, (in honor of a little event we have in the United States called Election Day), I’m giving you all A CHOICE!

I’ll be gifting TWO of my readers their favorite patterns at the end of the month! The patterns can be sweaters, socks, shawls, anything- as long as it’s $10 or less, it’s yours!

To enter the giveaway, leave a link to your favorite pattern’s Ravelry page, and tell me why you love it. Don’t forget to let me know how to contact you!

Giveaways like this are possible thanks to ad revenue I get from Google ads I put on my blog. If you happen to see an interesting ad, please take the time to go check it out! You’ll find cool stuff, and I’ll be able to continue brining you lovely giveaways!

Good luck!
– YX

40 thoughts on “November Giveaway!

  1. Hi, too many good good patterns on Rav. I love Veera Kalimaki but what about a Ravelry gift card for 10 dollars? It would be nice for Christmas!
    Anyway I love Fallmasche and Joji. I would probably buy Pole.

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