An unexpected surprise! January Giveaway

Something exciting happened! Remember when I gave away some awesome Yellow Hobbit yarn over the summer? Well, she’s back with another giveaway for January! I was going to take off for the month, but her stuff is too awesome to pass up!

This month, the prize is a winner’s choice! I love giving you guys choices! The first option is a skein of yarn made to order (2-ply or 3-ply superwash) in one of these awesome colorways:

Or you could choose a sampling of mini-skeins in a variety of colorways! Woah! If it were me, I’d totally go for the minis. A scrap sweater is in my future, but a cool pair of stripey boot socks would be amazing, too. So many options!

To enter, just join the Yellow Hobbit Ravelry group! Come back here and let me know you joined, along with a way of contacting you in the event you win (email or Rav usernames work well). This is a great opportunity to keep up with Yellow Hobbit’s new products and colorways, too. I have a whole tab on my forums page dedicated to dyer and designer pages, just to keep up with the news. I mean, look at this gorgeous skein she just did as a custom order:

Beautiful! So remember: 1) Join Ravelry group. 2) Come back here and comment to tell me you entered and how to contact you if you win! Good luck and I hope you’re as excited as I am! I’ll pick a winner at the end of the month!

– YX

Edit: some people are having issues commenting. If you can’t comment, you can tweet or email me (yarnexploder at gmail) to make the entry comment for you.

85 thoughts on “An unexpected surprise! January Giveaway

  1. Oh wow! Choices?? It would be so hard to choose. They are all so pretty! Wow!

    Thanks for the contest!
    Sch4gators RAV

  2. Hey! "crazee" here from ravelry. Just joined the group moments ago! This is a wonderful giveaway, thank you for hosting it.

    Feel free to contact me on ravelry if I win! *crossing fingers*

  3. I just joined the Yellow Hobbit group on Ravelry! My username is Bellaillia. I love all the beautiful yarns and roving!

  4. I have been trying to hunt down this yarn dyer for the last 2 months! I cried sad, sad tears when someone bought the Bashir O'Brien Bromance skein before I could buy it… Glad to say I can now stalk her via Rav! Joined and my Rav name is Stu

  5. Joined the group on Ravelry.

    On a student/mom/full-time employee budget, custom, yummy yarns aren't in my budget. I love the custom one you posted…fantastic colors! You can pick me…pretty please! What a treat this would be!

    KimKnitsDaily on Ravelry…

    PS – I love your blog! I just stumbled across it and will spend the rest of the evening catching up! 😉

  6. Joined your group and tried a few times to get this post to show up, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. 🙁 My Rav name is OneTwistedStitch

  7. pretty and fun yarns; joined on ravelry (katielgold) and have been stalking… too hard to choose one right now, all the colors just seem to pop so pretty!

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