February Giveaway

Hey there, yarn fans! In honor of February, our shortest month, I’m giving away some travel-sized products from Aquae Sulis, a knit-related soap shop!

Included in the giveaway are a knitter’s balm, which has a really nice lavender scent, and some wool wash:

The set is perfectly sized for your knit bag! In addition, I’ve included two 50g skeins of Malabrigo Lace in Apple Green and Pearl Ten- they’re adorably little and would make a great pair of striped fingerless mitts or a hat:

In order to win this month, go to the Aquae Sulis website and look around, then come back here and post your favorite product! Don’t forget to leave your contact info so I can message you when you win!
Happy February! I’ll draw a winner at the end of the month!
– YX

206 thoughts on “February Giveaway

  1. I have been looking for a lavender body wash to help combat my special snowflake dry skin so this will be next on my to try! And I might have some of the lavender chapstick fall into my cart before I get a chance to finish ordering… Contact email is cavewoman721@gmail.com (Previous comment was deleted because apparently I forgot I have numbers in my email as well.)

  2. The Lime margarita soap has me ready for Spring OR Summer now!! From the land of great rainy skys…British Columbia , I am jennafish on Ravelry

  3. I too like look of the raspberry lip balm, I am on a post Christmas diet too so this would be a yummy treat I am allowed lol
    apple380 on ravelry

  4. Oaken soap sounds like it smells wonderful. I love the outdoors, and the smell of the woods.

    You can pm me, on Ravelry. I'm sowernknitter. 🙂

  5. Umm EVERYTHING!! I would love to try one of the lotion bars and I am curious about the lime margarita soap. Thanks for the link and the contest – I love the colorways you chose.
    – Michelle, FlyingMonkeyHQ on Rav

  6. The Morning Java Scrubby Soap sounds amazing and much better than the fake-orange goopy stuff currently used for greasy hands at my place, but I think for a favorite I'll go with something I could use every day and choose Lemon Blossom Soap.

    MeganAnn on Ravelry.

  7. Oops!

    The lavender lip balm sounds absolutely amazing. You should not have mentioned this website. I can already see about 30 bucks being spent there next payday!

    Jericurl on Ravelry.

  8. Peppermint twist is my pick! Although the one called Cleopatra milk soap intrigued me too, but I LOVE me some peppermint. I would also LOVE to win this great prize! Thanks for the fab giveaway. 🙂

    halloweentango on Rav

  9. Green Magic Emu Lotion. I have a small emu oil balm that I use when my hands are stiff… and I really like the way it leaves my skin feeling… so I'm all for trying this out!! I will probably buy one if I don't win. Thank you for turning us on to Aquae Sulis!!

    Indulgence on Ravlery

  10. Can I only pick one? Love the color of the Cleopatra Milk Soap but the fragrance of the Lemon Blossom apppeals to me plus I love Shea Butter. I really like to use foaming hand soaps and like Lavendar and Lemon Blossom.
    IrishEyes on Ravelry.

  11. I have to go with any of the lip balm.It's that time of year for my lips to become prickly and chapped

    Jillyrae on Ravelry

  12. Peppermint Twist lotion bar! It would be perfect for work since it would fit in my desk and smell delicious and not be runny.

    -theCaityCat, on Ravelry

  13. I found Oaken soap to be an interesting thing to consider. Could be good for my hands on a dry day like today was!

    I'm Opaquejade on Ravelry 🙂

    Sorry, I wanted to put it all on one post.

  14. Oh my! I'd have to choose? The Emu Lotion is a MUST in Lavender…but man, oh man, I'd love some Buttercream Icing Lip Balm and how about the Summer Citrus Handmade Soap so I can dream of summer while our temps in Minneapolis are below freezing! KimKnitsDaily on Ravelry…

  15. What a great giveaway! There's a lot to choose from, but I would have to go with the Nirvana Soap!
    strickliesel13 on ravelry

  16. BUTTERCREAM FROSTING LIP BALM! I am salivating over here I need to keep my distance from this awesome shop or I will go bankrupt lol!

    -Alyclaire on ravelry (I tried filling in the name/URL thing but it wasn't wanting to work on my phone)

  17. The lavender oatmeal soap sounds lovely (and I love the colour of the Cleopatra Milk soap!). Lots of things I'd buy 🙂

    (and i'm adriennec on rav)

  18. The Lavender Emu Oil Lotion is my pick – my hands get very dry when I'm crocheting, and I think this would help to keep them moisturized. Besides – Emu Oil – who ever heard of that before? It sounds fascinating!

  19. how i would love to get it all. the soaps, liq. soaps are so wonderful. and the lip balm. wow. the buttercream icing and raspberry lip balm and the sugar and spice and lime marg. soap. and the lotions i can go on. thank you for giving me this chance to win and to see someone elses work. love it thanks again. angie emtscubagirl21@hotmail.com

  20. Love the idea of their Peppermint Twist Lotion Bar. So much better than a bottle that leaks everywhere! And the yarn would make a beautiful hat for my mother who will be starting Chemo soon. Thanks -Teen (Teen.ward@mgail.com)

  21. Green Magic Emu Oil Lotion! I live in a very dry climate and need to bathe in emu oil. There are many items that sound so yummy; morning java, sugar and spice, woodland mint soaps are all on my radar.

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway and those two colours of yarn are an awesome combo!

    kvitsvart on Ravelry


    I'M At rar_ryan14@yahoo.com

  23. I think the Emu Oil lotions, in any scent but the lavender is especially appealing, sound marvelous.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  24. The handmade soaps are lovely – I'd love to give the lavender oatmeal soap a try. And the products are so well-priced! Definitely will save that store in my bookmarks!

    lauren_the_cool at hotmail dot com

  25. Morning Java scrubby soap – mmmmmm, a little coffee while exfoliating. Great way to start the day and better yet when I need a gentle but cleansing soap after a day in the garden without my gloves or a day cooking in the kitchen with more pungent smelling ingredients. <3

    I'm known as smugs869 on Ravelry.

  26. I love your products. Everything looks amazing so it would be difficult to choose just one but since I have to it would be the lavender lip balm for my very dry lips. Closely followed or tied with your lavender lotion. Very difficult choice.
    Good Luck everyone! I know I'll be back to this sight soon to purchase some things 🙂
    tamayaya on Ravelry

  27. All the lip balms look great especially the buttercream icing!! I am a chapstick junkie, can never have enough. I'm Trishaknittin on Ravelry. Thanks for the contest!!

  28. HI:
    All your products look fabulous and I love soaps and lotions. I like very much the smell of citrus, so it would be my first choice (Summer Citrus and Lime Margarita soaps), but I think I’d love and use any of them
    I am glad to have been able to know your page.
    Thank you.

  29. I can't resist anything citrus … so it just has to be the Summer Citrus Soap ! Thanks for such a super giveaway.

    Anonany on Ravelry

  30. I love the Sugar and Spice foaming liquid soap and the Buttercream Lip Balm for my cracked and dry hands and lips.

    ribbiter on Ravelry

  31. Lavender Emu Oil Lotion. My skin is both painfully and continuously dry (winters are hell), and a complete speshul snoflayk. I recognize all the ingredients, I've got my fingers crossed I'm not allergic to any of them, and my spirit of adventure is engaged! 😀

    Oh, and I'm Seward on Rav.

  32. I am wondering where I can find anything to eat at Heathrow that could possibly be as yummy as buttercream lip balm sounds, now!

    I'm Colloquielle on Rav 🙂

  33. mmm lemon blossom handmade soap. although the carnation soap sounds interesting too. carnations are sooo lightly scented.
    thanks for the giveaway.
    on rav

  34. The sugar n' spice liquid soap looks like it would smell delicious! I'm on a diet right now, so I'm "pretend-tasting" and smelling just about anything.

    I'm sowernknitter on Ravelry.

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