March Giveaway!

Oooh, this is like, a new record of lateness for me. I had a great yarn dyer lined up for March’s giveaway, but trunk shows have totally depleted her awesome stash! This is a good thing for her, but for us it means waiting!

Luckily, I have Lace Knitting To Go for you this month!

It’s a deck of 25 lovely lace patterns on convenient little cards. Easy to take with you on the plane of in a  project bag, the patterns are less project and more stitch dictionary. I adore sources like this for my knitting. It makes pattern design and improvisation so easy!

If you check the book’s Ravelry page above, you’ll see some of the designs Andrea Tung has created for this set!

To win this deck for March, all you need to do to enter is comment on this post with something you’d like to see me talk about on this blog! Don’t forget to include an email or Ravelry username so I can let you know when you’ve won!

Also, I have Google ads up on my blog each month… They’re usually at the bottom of the sidebar. Just a friendly reminder to check them out if you see something you’re interested in! My ad revenue goes directly to giveaways.

Happy March! WIP post coming later in the week! 🙂
– YX

53 thoughts on “March Giveaway!

  1. I love to read about almost anything fiber-related. WIP/FO posts are always fun – I like to see what other people choose to knit, and with what yarn.

  2. I love knitting and even though I would not consider myself a beginner I am not too experienced either. Perhaps moderate knitter. I am afraid of knitting on DPNs. Perhaps you could write about how to get over a fear in a certain style of knitting.

  3. I would like to see where you store all your handknits and as read how you make space for them.
    reiki on ravelry

  4. I would love to read about what are your most worn items that you have knit and also what you get requested to knit the most.
    rosebob on ravelry

  5. What a great resource for those of us who endeavor to someday design!! I would love to hear most anything you would normally post on… I would love to see something along the lines of super awesome techniques and design related stuff always works for me.

    Indulgence on Rav

  6. I love reading about yarn related things. Right now I am looking for reading about spinning your own fiber.

  7. I agree with a lot of the comments – I love tips for other knitters and using unusual items for knititng (using hair pins for markers as they easily slip on and off without having to unpin naything).

  8. Deck size patterns are a great idea!
    I love reading & hearing about different yarns and to see what different projects are created.

    Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  9. I would really like your project gallery to list the patterns/link to your post. I know it's not something new to talk about on the blog, but really want to go straight to the post/look up some of the patterns without digging through the blog, so I think it's important enough to count. My rav id is nikki57

  10. I agree with Sherry Glover. I have a hard time making the right yarn swaps, especially when I want to move up a yarn size or down. I'd love to hear your opinions on how to do this properly. 😀

  11. Oooooooooooh, I love that all over pattern in pink, looks great!

    FO's are indeed always nice to read, but personally I am a big fan of all things involving knitting funnies. That is bloopers, 2nd sock syndrome, or funny cartoons.

    Have a nice weekend, all. Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  12. I have not really tried blocking and it gives me the scares.. Would be good to read about blocking techniques and for which yarn, what type is the best. as well as the tools used.


    Sonjira (on Ravelry)

  13. Oh, those look super useful! I would love to read about the process of designing a pattern or how to modify lace patterns, as that's something I'm trying to figure out how to do.

  14. We have twins coming (not me, my DIL!) ….. apparently they will be here soon – too soon, really but they don't seem willing to wait much long. I'd love to see things for babies, both boy & girl – we have one of each coming! It will be our 8th grandson …. and our 1st granddaughter. 🙂

    Staarrkatt on Ravelry

  15. I've lately been thinking a lot of how to use leftover yarns together. I think it would be useful to read something about how to combine different colours together and even different types of yarn, perhaps also suggestions on what sort of patterns are well suited for that.

    I'm Satatieto on Ravelry.

  16. Great giveaway, thanks!

    I'd love to see more on how to keep WIPs and supplies in control in a busy house. I seem to always have my stuff everywhere…

  17. I would like to see a discussion on YO's in lace knitting and how different techniques doing YO's can make the FO look different or better. (i.e YO vs Wrap Yarn Over. etc.)

    QTWIQ on Rav

  18. I'd love to hear about designing, how you start designing–with the yarn, or is there something in nature that inspires you, or is it practical–when someone you knit for would like a specific garment. I am fifigirl on Ravelry. I love love love your version of Obsidian, by the way.

  19. I love reading little tips and tweaks I can apply to my own projects: Maybe something a pattern suggested to neaten a transition, or a thought that made you go "what if" and now you want to share the results of your experiement (whether you recommend it or want us to advise us not to try this at home, kids!), or improvisations when the pattern is a bit unclear but you don't want to set it aside to wait for clarification, or when you just don't have the right tool on hand so you have to McGuyver a substitute.

    I'm calendarfish on Ravelry and Gmail, too.

  20. I would love some tips on 'what' to do with the working yarn piece! I'm a crocheter to begin with, and wow yea learning how to handle to needles AND the working yarn is quite a chore for me!!

  21. I just love hearing about what people like to knit and why. I find myself drawn to many different types of knitting, usually led by my mood, and love to make gifts for those I love. Tips of all sorts are welcomed.

  22. I'd love to see more articles on making up. I have 81 squares waiting to be sewn together, but keep putting it off. I would try a crochet seam if I knew how!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  23. I really like when you explain your yarn experience. I would like to see a map. A map of shops suggested by readers, in Europe and abroad.
    patmom on Ravelry

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