Technique: Bobbles

I’m still working on my list of techniques from the last post. Don’t worry, I plan to mix these up with other content, but felt like this would be a fun topic for today!

Bobbles… Have you made them? Do you love them? Hate them? I think, generally speaking, I don’t know many knitters who jump at the chance to knit bobbles on their projects.

Texelle was my first bobble project:

These (and most) bobbles were made by increasing into a stitch, knitting back and forth on those increases for a few rows before decreasing back down to one, and moving on to the next stitch.

Around the same time, I also worked on Erikson, which has a bobble motif that imitates metal studs:

They’re interesting little design elements that can really add dimension to knitting. Though you have to be careful… A row of them across the bust might not be the best placement option…

– YX

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