How to: Photographing knitwear

This morning has been rainy and a bit dull, and on top of everything, I’ve somehow hurt my wrist! Since my knitting has slowed down, I figured I’d do a little instructional video on my process for photographing knitwear:

I hope you enjoyed it!

– YX

4 thoughts on “How to: Photographing knitwear

  1. Madly jealous of your studio setup. Our apartment doesn't have a lot of space for photography with a calm background, so I've had to take a bunch of FOs out to my inlaws and make my husband take pictures of me in their garden. I like to take nice pictures of my projects but it can be a bother to wait for daylight, figure out some kind of setup, and all that. I've recently bought a lightbox for yarn pictures and smaller items, and need to play around with that a bit more.

    1. I want to do a vid on my lightbox setup, too! Those are excellent for small items.

      I think my studio setup is quite fortunate, but even a window with a white sheet would probably work, as long as the camera person is willing! I had to teach my husband quite a bit about my photos and how I wanted them to look!

  2. Thanks for the interesting video! Could you give more details on the camera equipment you used? I missed the names/descriptions when you said them but could look them up if you type them.

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