October Winner!

This is a guest post, announcing our giveaway winner! A big thanks again to Ellelittleblog, aka Letitia, for a fabulous post and opportunity to win her giveaway… I’m jealous, winner!

I counted 46 unique entries including Sharon’s extra shares
(not sure if those are usually counted for YarnExploder’s giveaways, but I did
anyway) and the winner is. . .
 Anonymous Belinda aka
beedragon.  I see her on Ravelry, so I
will let her know she won!  And I find
our comments quite curious:
Beedragon:  “Perhaps
winning would be a curse more than a gift ;)”
Ellelittleblog:  “I
hope you win anyway!”

Thanks for all your comments everyone.  I enjoyed looking at your projects.

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