Wool People 8!

I’m still here! Just, again, not much is going on in my world of knitting.

Except we went to Rhinebeck, which was fantastic!

A shot of the spoils:

It was great! This time, we rented the most beautiful house right in the middle of town. The owner was fantastic and sweet and everything you’d want in a host! I’d tell you more, but we’ve reserved the house again for next year, so perhaps a more in-depth look will pop up in a year.
My photography business has been really busy lately, so I haven’t had the time to devote to knitting. I do have a sweater in the works, but nothing to see of it just yet.

In other news, WOOL PEOPLE 8! Fantastic. A few of my favorites:




…As if I need to cast on anything else!

And in other news, I am really heavily considering moving this blog over to wordpress and giving it a lovely little makeover. Is it worthwhile? Are you still reading, out there?

– YX

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