FO: Seacoast (and new blog!)

Hey! Here’s a neat thing. I finally migrated this blog over to the much more attractive and easy-to-use WordPress platform… Which suggests that I might actually start using it again? Maybe? The import was a little rough, so some of the archives are missing images or the links aren’t working quite well, but I’ll be digging through those as time allows to correct those issues.

My plan is to broaden the scope of what I talk about here, especially because my knitting time is already short (and getting shorter, thanks to a new baby on the way!). I don’t know how often I’ll be here, but my hope is to have a place to keep┬áthe little personal projects I’m doing, some photography, personal interests… If you’re just here for the yarn, I’m sorry!
Anyway, on to the one thing I completed in time for Rhinebeck 2016:


This is Joji Locatelli’s Seacoast, which was a simple knit in a nice, hefty worsted weight. It’s Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Studio Worsted, which is wonderful to knit with and has made a nice, twisty fabric. Some great stitch definition:


I’m super happy with how it turned out, especially because the skeins weren’t entirely matched. I ended up alternating rows with different skeins, which I generally find is way too much of a hassle… Or at least I did, until On The Grass.

The sweater had just enough room for my tiny little baby belly (which is less tiny now), and it kept me warm on the 40 degree walk to the fairgrounds. No snow this year! It was a really wonderful time. A few friends joined me at our rental house, and we just had a nice, chill time, which is just what I needed in the middle of my busiest business season. Lots of yarn shopping, Bread Alone goodness, warm cider and Macoun apples… Perfection.


And a few personal ones from the festival:

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