May Giveaway!

Happy May! Are you as excited as I am for a new giveaway?

This month we have some awesome springy yarn, courtesy of Sheepy Time Knits!

This lovely little gem is STK’s Sparkle Feet base in “Teal Deer”. It’s a gorgeous teal with just a bit of an inky ribbon running through it, and a spattering of silver sparkle. Not too much sparkle, either. It also get mega extra bonus points for matching my blog’s color scheme so wonderfully!

Hello, yarn… I PUT MY FACE ON YOU.

I love the sophisticated color palette used, but also the texture and feel of the yarn are great… 63% superwash/ 20% silk/ 15% nylon/ 2% Sterling silver make this a super soft knit that would be great for close-to-the-skin accessories and edgings.

So how can you win this month? Go to Sheepy Time’s In Stock page and choose a favorite product… Each product page has a set of buttons, so share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Amazon! And of course, as usual, come on back here and tell me which one you love (and why, if you’re so inclined! It’ll make each giveaway better!) and how you shared it!

Here’s Sheepy Time’s photo of the same colorway, from her In Stock page:

Thanks for entering and good luck! I’ll pick a winner at the end of the month!

– YX

90 thoughts on “May Giveaway!

  1. Oh my! What amazing yarns! Every last one! I'm tending away from lace weights these days as I can't knit fast enought! I love the Aran weight strawberry mango stripe. Would be adorable on my 5 mos old. Thanks for the chance to win yummy yarn! Rav amchart

  2. Wow! So hard to pick just one. I think I have at least 14 favorites on one page alone!! The colors are fabulous. I think my favorite (right now) is ….Sheepy Feet wool SOCK yarn Sheepy Time Yarns in Light Bright or sherbert. They would make a stunning pair of socks for my sister. Thanks for the chance. Knitsensei on Ravelry.

  3. I am very tempted by the All Your Lace Sparkle Lace in Speshul Snowflakes. I like that it's slightly variegated and rich and that it would probably go extremely well with my fancy party dress. Hmm.

    (<3, BaconPony)

  4. Well I had to narrow it down which took forever because everything is gorgeous!
    I especially liked Sheepy Feet wool SOCK yarn Sheepy Time Yarns in Black Cherry. I love sock yarn right now.

    rosebob on ravelry

  5. Oh – I adore her Dr. Who inspired yarns. I knit a lovely shawl out of the "Screwdriver" colorway! So I shared her Dr. Who line on Facebook.

  6. Does the time traveler club count as a favorite product? What about the speshul snowflakes club? No?

    In that case, my favorite is the Moody Blues colorway on All Your Base because it's a good TARDIS blue and I'm dying to knit Bigger on the Inside.

  7. I love Twilight Sparkle Feet. it is purple (my favorite) and sparkly (for a true princess) and looks like it is calling to me.


    (oh please!!! cross fingers)

  8. I love the Sheepy Time BFL in Forever in Blue Jeans! I want a big, comfy sweater to throw on on those cold early winter mornings. Warm enough to not wear a coat but comfortable for walking my dogs. I am blue jeans every day kind of person, so this yarn would be perfect for me!

    greyowl (ravlry id)

  9. I've been interested in trying some sparkle yarns – I love the Sparkle Feet wool/silver FINGERING/SOCK yarn Sheepy Time Yarns
    in Mermaid or Black Water

  10. I love the Sheepy Feet Rainbow set of mini-skeins! I love rainbow colors but if I were to actually buy a full hand-dyed skein of every color, I'd go broke.

  11. I love the sheepy feet wool sock yarn in Pansy Ass I think I am going to have to order the skein as soon as I talk my boyfriend into giving me the money as I am broke till payday… gotta love them

  12. Gorgeous yarn! I love sparkles and love the skein of Sparkle Feet in "green-eyed monster". Thank you for a chance to win some beautiful yarn again this month!

  13. Well, where to start? I really like the May color of the month – Night Vision. But I also REALLY like the Dr. Who Club! The Time Traveler's club. And if she reads these, I have some Irish Dance Solo dreses for sale!
    SareBearKnits on ravelry

  14. I'm loving the berry pie in All Your Base. It would make a great little shawlette. Such pretty blues and purples in it. Then again I like the Teal Dear color way too, I might need to do some shopping.

    kimmycables on ravelry.

  15. I really like the sparkle sock yarn. The small bit of silver just adds a bit of interest and depth to the colors. And 'Mermaid' is a gorgeous color!

  16. Fairy Lacy in Green Eyed Monster totally rocks my boat. I'm a sucker for those 70s colors like avocado and gold. The base looks so shiny and soft! Mmmmm!

  17. The Fairy Fingering in Ancient Ruins is my favorite (today) because I am really craving knitting a black and brown striped jumper. Love that base too!

    All the colours are lovely (hello, white rabbit) I've added several to my wish list including the teal dear for the giveaway.

  18. ALL of the Doctor Who inspired colorways.

    All of them.

    I want to make the TARDIS shawl non-blue so I feel like I can still be true to the Who by picking one of those, lol!


  19. I LOVE her yarns. I'm really lusting after two of her Dr. Who colorways from the past club – Gallifrey and Bigger On the Inside. I saw a couple things knitted up in them on Ravelry and have been wanting some ever since! But really, they are all great!

  20. I really like the night vision colorway- and so many of the base choices are great depending on the project. It is too hard for me to narrow it down.

  21. I lurve the sheepy feet in aurora borealis! Definitely on my need list 🙂 Thank you for hosting a giveaway, I'm SuckItTrebek on Rav!

  22. Honestly, I love all of mandie's yarns, but the doctor who ones will forever hold a special place in my heart.


  23. I am a huntress when shopping for everything, including yarnz. So, of course, I headed straight under that clearance button. The "Ewe Know Who" yarn (previously dubbed "yarn who shall not be named" is really awesome and I love the Green Eyed Monster colorway!

    Indulgence on Ravelry

  24. Oh my goodness! I love your Sparkle Feet in Twilight. The combination of the wool and sliver looks amazing with that slight variation in color on the Twilight. I'm having yarngasms here.

  25. Wow, thanks for bringing this shop to my attention! I want to buy everything. And I think I'll be signing up for their next Doctor Who club. I shared them on Pinterest 🙂

    My favorite might be the Oncoming Storm colorway, maybe in the Panda Feet yarn type, but any of the fingering weights would make a gorgeous shawlette.

    tzipporahfeiga (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. Had to share the Dr. who line on twitter cause I fell in love with oncoming storm. Gorgeous! Recently found and fell in love with your site as well! (cmalbin on rav and twitter)

  27. Oh! I shared the Time Traveller club on my facebook awhile ago, I love it. But I just had to post the colorway of the month- Night Vision on my twitter account. 😉 Just so my sister will see it. Because, you know… my birthday is this month. And that green is so delicious. And of course, I'm low on Sock Yarn. Can't have that, now can I?

  28. The colors of all the yarns are yummy, but liked the Aran weight "Sherbet" the best. I think I would just "pet it" for awhile, before knitting it up into something. 🙂
    I added it to my facebook page.

    Zowmom on Ravelry

  29. My fav was hard to pick. I think it might be the sheepy feet wool sock cause my socks have to have some nylon. The color Pansy Ass caught my attention caught my attention because my fav cousin's fav colors are purple and yellow. She's the only cousin on the "sock list".

  30. My favorite colorway right now is Oncoming Storm. I am split on either the sparkle feet base or the big feet base, which is my favorite base ever.

    Shared on Facebook for everyone to see!!

    MamaMidwife on Racelry

  31. Just pinned the Doctor Who colorways – they are absolutely my favorites! I'm really digging Adipose right now – I've been knitting a lot of dark colors, and the soft, tinted white looks so appealing!

    <3 slierisa

  32. I went to the site expecting to pick a really cool yarn….and saw the Harry Potter stitch markers. I've planning on retreading the books soon so they've been on my mind and the house markers are awesome!

  33. I went to the site expecting to pick a really cool yarn….and saw the Harry Potter stitch markers. I've planning on retreading the books soon so they've been on my mind and the house markers are awesome!

  34. Oh man, I don't know if I can pick just one! Fawkes in teh sock yarn is gorrrrgeous. Same with Foggy Dew. I shared on Pinterest.

    hammaboo on Rav

  35. WAY too many amazing ones to pick just one, so I'm picking one I already have! Aurora Borealis! IT IS STUNNING and bright and vibrant and I LOVE IT! ahem. And I shared on my Pinterest and Facebook.

  36. Heh, I've shared about this twice today on my Twitter before even coming here, but I love everything about her Avengers-inspired recent dye job. I WANT that Loki hank.

    cakeandpie on Rav

  37. As a lover (and compulsive buyer) of all things teal, I'm loving Teal Deer.

    I've also been a big fan of Sheepy Time's Doctor Who-inspired yarns – I'm really loving Oncoming Storm in the sparkly sock yarn.


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