FO: En Pointe Wrap Sweater

It’s done!

I finished my En Pointe wrap sweater last night, and snuck off to take a few quick photos before bed. It’s sooooo comfortable. I love this yarn. Wow.

I was really surprised to have so much yarn left over…  It seems like I may have half of each skein (probably less) to use on another project. Teeny striped wristwarmers, mayhaps?

Speaking of stripes, these photos don’t show the color well, so here’s a detail shot:

The variations are subtle, but you can tell the difference in person. I think the lights are just washing out the stripes in these photos. 

I chose to accent the sleeves with gold, and did the ribbing pieces on the back in pink. I figured it would be easier than trying to simultaneously maintain stripes and a rib, since the yarn is so soft and smooth that I was constantly retensioning it.

You really get a feel for how the sweater wraps on the sides. Its a teeny slip of a thing, but the pattern definitely allows you to adjust the stitch count. I’ll probably end up using this for leftover sock yarns as a stash buster. Although it took be about three weeks to get through the pattern, I attribute that to my refusal to take the project with me anywhere– all the knitting was done at home. I didn’t want to risk turning the wound cakes into a mess of tangles, which happened while I was winding them. Once is enough, thank you very much!

The icord works well as a durable option for ties, but I could also see starting this with a wide garter stitch ribbon, or sewing on some pretty ribbon as well.

I’ll leave you with my favorite shot:

– YX

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8 thoughts on “FO: En Pointe Wrap Sweater

  1. Very pretty, it looks great! I saw some of the people who did this on Ravelry talking about it being "too off the shoulders" – Did you find this to be the case?

    1. Not at all! Since it has to be worn over another piece, I find it doesn't slip off the shoulders, either. The top of the shoulder is 5 stitches wide, but by pulling on the ties at the back, it eases the sweater into a secure fit. Butttt one could BO stitches later on in the row and increase the 5 stitch shoulder to be more. The pattern is super flexible in my opinion.

  2. I love this piece! And I love your blog. It is definitely my favorite out of the MANY I have attempted to keep up with. Keep it up!:)

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