Knit patterns!

I love knitting- this should come as no surprise. I find it to be relaxing, fun, and a great creative outlet. I also really love seeing knitted items in stores- even something as simple as a basic pullover with good detailing deserves a second look.

I really geek out when I see other items with knit patterns on them. I stumbled across these mugs today, and started looking at fun knit-related items…

Knit Pattern Mug by Mochithings

How about Couture Deco’s Knitted wallpaper? I hate wallpaper but holy crap I love this:

It’d be awesome with a really smooth wainscoting/panel on the bottom half of the room.

I love this knit print stamp from Etsy seller Hugfishandorange:

I love this incredible knit texture pen from Nakaya. Heh… Christmas, anyone?

Share other knit-related items in the comments!
– YX

(PS- you know the drill.)

6 thoughts on “Knit patterns!

  1. I met someone in San Diego who had a t-shirt that had knitted-looking Star Wars figures on it (I think a tauntaun maybe?) and I was like "this T-shirt has many things I like."

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