Wall decor: knitterly pride

Who hasn’t seen the fifty billion renditions of the “Keep Calm (Something) On” posters over the past year or so? I was thinking about ways to add more yarn references to my house, and it seemed like the only option I had was one of these ubiquitous posters. Harumph. 

So I did some shopping. 
The first thing I found was this fabulous eye chart-inspired piece. I love the vintage feel of the chart, combined with the knitting references. At $20, it seems like a great art piece for a reasonable cost. 
Next is this great Red Cross poster. Also $20, I love the old-school war propaganda look, and the colors are fabulous. Not to mention, the yarn looks luscious. 
Or, you could go a little more three-dimesional. I’ve seen about fifteen million yarn-wrapped letters on Etsy and Pinterest, but I really love these yarn letters on Etsy, which are wild and interesting, and could make a great wall installation. 
I love yarny housewares! Do you have anything on your house/craft room walls that you want to share?
– YX

2 thoughts on “Wall decor: knitterly pride

  1. Sadly I don't have anything cool to share, but these are awesome! I'm feeling inspired to decorate this new house whose walls are currently quite bare. 🙂

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