Giant Red Cowl

I started babysitting when I was 13. It was more of a mother’s helper gig at first, entertaining the kids while mom and dad got housework done. As time went on, though, I did more and more, until suddenly, I was leaving for college. 
And now, the one who was just 3 when I first met her, has started her first classes in college, herself. Wow. 
So she contacted me to ask if I could knit a big ol’ red cowl for her, I was happy to oblige. This is the photo she sent:

It looks to me like a simple ribbed cowl, but then look at the bottom bit… Is that reverse stockinette stitch?
I could easily do a simple ribbed cowl, but why not at least look at some potential projects? There’s the Infinitude Scarf by Jeni Chase: 
Tante Ehm’s Northern Loop
Or do I go ahead and stick with the standard ribbed cowl, something like Mallory Cowl by Shannon Cook:
What do you think? I picked up some red, bulky yarn and have the giant needles to go with it…
– YX

4 thoughts on “Giant Red Cowl

  1. I really like Northern Loop – if you extended the ribbing on the edge, it might also look a bit more like your inspiration picture.

    Giant needles, FTW! I'm nearly finished with my fingering weight cowl, which is on 3s. UGH. Bring on the bulky!

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