WIP: Clara Dress


I haven’t been knitting much, but I started this Clara dress almost a year ago, and now I’m finishing it up in the hopes of using it for our new daughter. She’s due this April, so certainly I should be able to finish it by then, right? Right? Someone help me out here…


I’m enjoying this pattern quite a bit. I bought the whole thing as a kit (similar here), and it includes Isager Alpaca wool as the fiber of choice. Let me just be real for a moment: this is definitely a lot of effort for what is going to be a photo dress. It’s not washable, it’s not practical… It’s just lovely and sweet and I’m fairly confident it’s going to block out beautifully. I have one sleeve to go, buttons to pick out, and a neck edging to do. Almost done, thankfully.


When Dougie was very small, we decorated one wall of his nursery with clear Command Adhesive hooks and a few of our favorite t-shirts. I’m thinking of decorating my new studio/playroom in a similar manner, with the old sweaters and knitted items that my kids have outgrown. I don’t like the idea of just packing them away and forgetting about them. It’d be nice to see those things and remember how small they were. I’m trying to decide if this is a great idea or completely foolish… The new house will have spray foam insulation and screens on the windows, so I’m hoping the moth situation is less likely. We’ll see!

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