FO: Clara Dress/ Garter ear flap hat


Well, it’s off the blocking mats and completed at last! Ravelry project page here.


I really love the dress now that it has properly blocked out. The stitch definition is clear and the patterns are nice and legible. I love the leaf motifs, especially with the ribbed sections between the points. It adds a layer of visual interest without fighting against the main design elements. The blocked fabric is soft and has a nice drape. It feels so expensive and faaaaancy!


I chose a little silver button for the keyhole closure in the back. (Non knitters: Yes, this is a different photo than the previous one!) Actually, I think a lot of people did two buttons or something on the back, but I liked having the opening be more like a keyhole. The button came from my inherited button stash, which is full of all sorts of glorious little surprises.


The only issue I have with this dress– and this is as a girl baby newbie– is what in the world I do to line it. Do I need to find a shell to put under it? Sew something? Just put it on over a onesie and tights? How does this work? It has quite a bit of openwork on the bodice and skirt, which I think would be visually distracting without a lining of some sort…


Anyway, I love it. I super duper ooper love it. I wish it’d been a faster knit, because thing like it would be my go-to new baby present. Instead, people like my lovely new nephew get this Purl Soho Garter Ear Flap Hat. Rav page here.


It was made with Yarn Over New York’s Rockaway Tweed, which makes a fantastic fabric. I got the yarn at Rhinebeck this year, and it was part of a great and interesting collection from the dyer. I get the feeling that she dyes yarn according to her whims and interests, which I super love. Her store has really varied stuff that is just aching to be impulse-purchased.


This pattern is so popular and common, but it’s a cute shape and was an enjoyable tv knit. I hope to knit more things for my nephew as he outgrows the rapid-change phases of infancy… And once I get a really good idea of what kind of style my sister-in-law likes for her kiddo!

I wish the photography was a bit better for these projects. I don’t have a good spot to set up my light tent right now, so the door was the best option. Sadly, the sun wasn’t out, so when I added some supplemental lighting, I got those harsh shadows. I also don’t like that the door is so red, because it really throws off my color balance in addition to being a bit more distracting than I desire for FO photos. I can’t wait until my new house is done, and I get to find all sorts of fun places to photograph my knits!

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